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Aircraft Search and Acquisition

We specialize in customer service, and in full consultation, will undertake the entire process of acquiring an aircraft for you from beginning to end. Through utilising our International Network, we have the ability to locate the appropriate aircraft for your exact requirements and budget. After we have found an aircraft that meets your needs our job is not complete. It’s our priority to present you with a complete client specific solution.

Pre-Purchase Evaluation

Following our customer's aircraft selection, JetConnect will engage our expert Pre-Purchase Evaluation team to examine the aircraft at a factory authorised maintenance facility (for a pre-owned aircraft), or at the appointed completion centre (for a new aircraft). The evaluation consists of a detailed physical engineering inspection, coupled with a thorough examination of all aircraft documentation, to provide our clients with a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Evaluation report.

Contract Negotiations

In consultation with our customers, JetConnect will prepare a negotiation strategy for the acquisition of the aircraft. Including a full briefing of your aviation legal advisers to prepare a Purchase Agreement that protects your interests.


We offer our clients access to the global market through our worldwide network. Your aircraft will be represented through our marketing partners throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia / New Zealand


We can advertise your aircraft through monthly magazine advertising, aviation internet hosting, e-mail campaigns, fax broadcasts, and traditional mailings, our JetConnect web site, and the two largest business aviation databases in the world, AMSTAT and JETNET.

CASA/FAA/EASA Regulatory Services (Aviation Certification Pty Ltd)

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